Young Men Live and Walk in the Wind


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Obviously, our primary topic today was “no longer being infants tossed to and fro,” but rather the full measure of the stature of Christ. And something Andy said brings up a practical point. He said, you get an e-mail on this topic, and the next day or the same day or twice the same day on some other topic. How do you keep up with it all? How do you put it into practice? How do you? And really there’s an extremely important point in that if our hearts’ desire is truly to be young men, because a lot of the answer to that topic is love.

Another whole aspect of that topic of how to be a young man is discernment. And last night before dinner, it came up that—was it a song we were listening to? It was a song that Monica played. It was a Michael Card song that said, “Jesus loves me.” You know the song, right? It was his version of that. And we talked about the fact that it’s one of those difficult things to grasp, that Jesus loves me. I mean, there are six billion people on the planet—how could He keep track of all those things? That’s almost like getting six billion e-mails in one day. How can you keep track of all that?

Well, there’s a whole different way of looking at it if you’re God. And part of our conversation—and I’m going someplace with this, obviously, since our topic is that we would grow into the full measure of the stature of Christ; no longer being infants tossed to and fro; that we’d grow from being children to being fathers that are responsible; not just children whose sins are forgiven and a bunch of babies that always need to be fed—”feed me, feed me, feed me”—but fathers that do the feeding, and young men who overcome the gates of hell, who overcome the evil one, who strike right at the jugular vein of satan—not just functional housekeeping issues, but go after principalities and powers.

If that’s our topic today, you need to understand something about two or three e-mails in a day. And that is, just as God views a planet full of six billion people, and another six billion people that have gone before whose bodies are in the grave—He knows them all by name. All the hairs on their head are numbered. He knows the sparrows. He knows the butterflies. He knows the lilies in the fields. He knows the roses and the thorn bushes and the fig trees. All that stuff is all in His grasp.

And what we talked about last night just for two minutes probably, not much more than that, is that, before God, what existed? Nothing. What did he create everything out of? Nothing. So in essence, the only thing that ever was, was God. Therefore, everything you see is part of God. He created everything—all the galaxies, all the solar systems, the planets, the suns... Every aspect of everything is part of God.

That’s how He knows your name. It’s not that He’s got a great memory. You’re part of Him. You’re part of Him. And just as if you stuck—this is part of last night’s conversation, just sort of an offhanded thought after the song—if you stuck a pin, a little needle, into the end of your finger, would you notice? It’s just a small thing. Just such a small thing. If you jammed a needle into the end of your finger, would you notice? Well, of course you would, because it’s part of you. It’s such a small thing, though. How does He know your name? You’re such a small thing out of six billion people, out of twelve or thirteen billion people who have been born into this planet. You’re just such a small thing. How could He know your name? Because you’re part of Him.

The galaxies are part of Him. Before Him, there was nothing. There was a void. Everything is encompassed in God. It’s all part of Him. You may be that little needle in the end of His fingertip. :) It’s part of Him. That’s how He knows your name. You are part of Him. You were born to be part of Him. You were born to have His wind and His life, and His beauty and His majesty, and His wisdom and knowledge and discernment, and His love. You were born for that purpose. You’re not an afterthought. You’re not a memory course for Him. You are part of Him. Everything in the whole universe came from God. It’s all part of Him. That’s how He knows your name. That’s how Jesus loves me—this I know. It’s not just the Bible that tells me so.

So, that being the case, how do you become a young man? Well, how do you become a father? Obviously, to become a father is birthed in love. Obviously. By definition. It’s birthed in love. To become a young man is to explore Him who is from the beginning, and all the aspects of who God is.

What’s that got to do with two or three e-mails in a day? Well, here’s the point. It’s all part of God. And these aren’t different subjects to be addressed, different topics to be applied. If you view life that way, you’re forever going to be a pathetic Dewey decimal system librarian. There’s no Life in that. If what you’re trying to do is chase topics around from one to another to another, you are dead and shall always be dead. You’ll be nothing. You can’t add up enough thoughts to become like God. You can’t add up enough little obediences or little tidbits of knowledge or so much effort. “Oh, I’m going to discipline my life.” It’s just one New Year’s resolution after another that dies in its own stench. You can’t live that way.

The Spirit of God, the very word “spirit,” is “pneuma.” It’s wind. It’s life. You can’t put wind in a bottle and have any power left. These e-mails are not meant to be one more thing to apply, one more thing to learn. This is the Father’s house. This is the expanse of His wisdom. It’s meant to open our senses. It’s not meant to be one more thing to learn, one more thing to apply, one more thing to obey. It’s meant to teach us how to discern and how to open our eyes to see what is.

When you look around this room, you see wood paneling, you see paintings, you see Latvian queens with sashes, you see a shelf with a wire hanging down—what used to be there? Probably a speaker. You see a birch tree through the window. You see people. You see cold chairs and a cold floor, and yet ceiling fans are on. :) To take in the whole of a picture is so much better, more powerful, more beautiful, more intense, more real, more functional, more useful. To bring in the whole picture and absorb it, and then to apply because of who we’re becoming, rather than because of what we’ve learned—that’s the life of the Spirit. That’s the life of the young man: to walk in the Spirit, to walk in the wind, to walk in the power. “Everyone born of the spirit is like the wind.” See?

So these three e-mails in a day aren’t meant to confuse. They’re meant to just pry open our eyes, to somehow scintillate our senses, to alert us to feelings and smells and sounds and sights and colors and textures that we were previously incapable of experiencing, because our eyes were turned inside out! Somebody on the outside only saw the white of our eyes, because the pupils were always pointing in. That’s foolishness. That’s just ridiculous, planet earth life. That’s not what God intended.

We’re part of God. We were born to be part of God, in His love and in His wisdom and discernment, so that the whole majesty of God’s creation that is all part of Him—the suns, the solar systems, the galaxies, the trees, the birds, everyone by name, the hairs on our head that are numbered—all of that was created out of a void, out of God Himself, and He means for us to explore that and live in that together again. That’s His purpose and intent.

You don’t become a young man—a father or a young man—by learning more and trying harder, by reading more e-mails—but rather, by having your senses opened to explore His love and His wisdom, to become a person who’s like the wind. “In my father’s house, there are many rooms.” To explore His Rooms, and then to open our eyes to be able to see, and to feel, and to understand His majesty and His life—to reignite the fire of what it means to be in Him—that’s where a young man comes from. Not effort, not knowledge, not comprehension of details, not systematic theology—but to explore Him.

“Everyone that’s born of the spirit is like the WIND.” And there will be no young men in the full measure of the stature of Christ that aren’t living in the WIND. There’s no such thing. There never will be. There can’t be. To “not do anything I don’t see the Father doing” implies and demands that we live in the wind. You’re not going to do it with that eight pounds of goo between your ears. It’s not going to happen that way. So, to apply eight pounds of goo to three e-mails in a day—what good is that going to do? If you approach it wrong, you’re never going to get there. You have to approach it through love, through wisdom, through sensitivity, through discernment.

These are doorways into rooms, not one more thing to remember and apply. Because you won’t remember it, and you won’t apply it. It won’t happen that way. It can’t be ascertained, nor can it be implemented, through human effort or human understanding. We are meant to learn how to be in touch with the Spirit life, not human life. Human life is meant to be exceeded, superseded, and totally transformed into a life that’s from above. “On earth as it is in heaven.” How much of heaven can you see with your eyes? How much of heaven, therefore, can you apply with your hands and your mind? Nothing. You can apply just as much with your hands and your mind as you can see with the frequencies available to the human eye. That’s as much as you get. And that ain’t much.

So it’s a matter of opening our heart, being very careful how we hear, being careful how we read. If we want to be fathers, it’s through love and discernment and wisdom. If we want to become young men, it will be because we’ve learned how to live in the Spirit, rather than trying to apply spiritual principles to human life, which is a losing effort.
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