re: Hanukkah ...the holiday has some really neat roots, but I don’t want to trade one man-made materialistic thing for another....

Hanukkah. Ummmmm. : ) So WHY exactly do you need a “tradition” for anything, let alone a fable about a lamp not running out of oil??!! Hmmmm. : ) TRUTHFULLY, if Jesus can be our Sabbath (Heb.4-10: Col.2:17; Rev.21:22, etc.) and everything else, WHY would we need to create external stuff unless the Internal is insufficient? WHY couldn’t we just celebrate LIFE everyday? Is there the SLIGHTEST reference of a New Covenant Ambassador (Apostle) teaching or practicing ANYTHING like Hanukkah or any other tradition or “celebration” such as that? Nope. Oops!

They USED stuff like that to reach others, such as when Paul tried to hurry to a Jewish feast of Pentecost in order to catch the Jewish crowds to reach out to, but never did they do the things we THINK they “should” have done if they were like us, such as “Jesus’ Birthday” annual celebration, or anything of the kind as a “tradition” or “celebration” for their own entertainment.

Well, you asked..... ;)

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