He Calls Us to FREEDOM!

He calls us to HIMSELF!


From a Sister here, in her Time Home with Him...

Freedom is a word i know

i’ve used it oft before to show

my deep desire, my utter need

from controlling forces to be freed.

In the past, in my old Lifeless life,

which was filled with wasting disease and strife,

there were specific sins i befriended

and to them my habits were all lended.

Many long years i did spend

in these patterns, till in the end

my muscle memory was formed

and trained through repetition to conform.

Thus when i did Jesus meet

and fell, delighted, at His feet,

what an ugly mess He found within

though He did not tell me then.

He waited, till along the way

i could bear what He had to say.

Step by step, layer by layer

He is rewiring my memory player.

There was a key point, He had known

which i needed to be shown

that all these sins being revealed

were simply the product of the true force field.

A tyrant ruling within me

with ruthless and demanding mastery.

This tyrant bears the name of SELF

and operates in uncanny stealth.

Thus since Jesus entered in

He helps me identify each layer of sin

at a point i came to be aware

that the tyrant was still there!

Knowing that its reign is ended

and being, as a servant of satan, offended

this tyrant which formerly ruled through me

NOW tries to rule by MEMORY!

Those old habits so ingrained

those responses so repeatedly trained

are often now the thing i must see

to choose my course afresh, cuz now i’m FREE!

So little children, i beg of you,

be aware in EVERY thing you do

that a habit is being formed

that your synapses are being conformed.

When Jesus’ people say, “don’t sin!”

they speak of your future and your being within.

Make paths inside your heart and mind

that turn to Jesus time after time.

Even while your tyrant SELF rules

Jesus has yet given you tools

to prepare a place for Him inside

by turning and turning and returning, never hide!

Jesus, the most amazing Being,

make a habit of Him seeing!

Do not listen to even the tyrant within

rather listen to Those who can help against sin.

In the days to come you will see

the fruit of your choices and habits will be

either enemy forces you must fight within

or muscle memory that leads you to Him.

He is able every foe to defeat,

He is eager always your heart to meet,

He is Mighty and Gentle, Compassionate and True,

and it is to FREEDOM from the tyrant that He calls you!

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