The Holiest of All


“Sin, in its deepest root, is a turning from God to self; rejecting God to please self—a refusal to sacrifice one’s self to God…By doing not His own will but the will of His Father, by the sacrifice of Himself to God and His will, He conquered sin in His own person, and gained a victory over it whereby it was forever vanquished and brought to naught…He offers us Himself to take the place of sin…

“And now the alternative is put before us: Which shall it be? Sin and myself or Christ and His Self…Which shall it be—self-pleasing or self-sacrifice—a life in self, or a Life in Christ [“TOGETHER with all the Saints”—Paul]. Though we may not always be able to see fully all that Christ’s work means, or realize all the riches of blessing it brings, there is one word not difficult to carry in which all is centered. That word is Himself. He gave Himself a sacrifice for sin; He gives Himself the putter away, the conqueror of sin; He is Himself all we can desire or need. Blessed the soul that rests in nothing less than HIMSELF.” (The Holiest of All, Andrew Murray)

12:25 p.m.
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