HOPE is RISING: Sing His Song!


It begins as an unseen nugget

a simple grain of Truth

landing in the welcoming soil

of a soul never leaving its youth

that childlike searching and yearning

knowing there is something beyond:

a dream to pursue, a marvel that’s TRUE

never ceasing to lead your heart on

rejecting the aged “wisdom”

of settling for what is known

the heart of spring will ever sing

the song of Heaven’s Throne

such a heart will not abandon,

though trials and fears arise,

the picture of the LIFE that sings

in spite of the hatred and lies

there *is* a Heavenly Kingdom

built in the here and now

by the Hands and the Touch of the Biblical King

who is Alive to Lead and Plow

to find this Kingdom of Heaven

established on fallen earth

each soul must surrender all demands and rights

to the King who will give you HIS worth

though they are now few in number

those who have given King Jesus their all

letting Him in, to uncover ALL sin,

blessed by Peace at His feet where they fall

on the Lord’s Holy Mountain (Isaiah 11:9-10)

where Jesus-of-the-Bible Reigns for real

in *that place*, Yesu’s Blood-Bought Race

stand Together as a wall of steel

Unity, of one accord,

yielding to Biblical Truth

brings synergy that the eye can’t see

and makes a haven to protect the youth

to begin with every known problem

and watch Jesus Touch and Transform

to see Him take the lowliest snake,

and spend His own life to reform.

the road is not easy, the ride not only fun,

refining and plowing bring pain

but the Fruit of The One, God’s Risen Son,

is Harmony, Healing and Change

let your heart yearn for the Promised return

of the Groom who has fashioned His Bride

be one who, when His Light shines through,

abandons even livelihood to be by His side (Mark 1:16-19)

and never relinquish the dreams of your heart

hungry to be spent to save lives

it is *for real*, for all who won’t let worldliness steal

the Vision lived by the Giver of Life.


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