How Do I Soften My Heart?


How do I soften my heart and know the fear of God, and once again feel the prick of the Holy Spirit?

Honesty is an excellent place to find the Spirit of the Messiah. Don’t ever give in to the enemy’s convincing arguments to stop doing that, no matter what has happened or ever will.

No, there is NO possibility that it is “too late” for forgiveness, or for deeper intimacy than you’ve EVER known—though you may have grieved the Spirit in choices or habits or lack of investment in Him.

It ALWAYS comes down to, you know, confidence in His Deal—sealed in His Blood and in His Spirit. Certainly, those are immutable and unmovable—so “no worries.” Just get it back on track by CHOKING THE WEEDS (starving the sin habits, repenting, renouncing, confessing, being vulnerable with others, making Right anything the Spirit of Christ brings to mind—completely), and sowing the Good Seed on the soil of “a good and honest heart,” with a willingness to be dedicated to sowing and persevering.

BEHOLD Him, by commitment… and He’ll CHANGE you, by Oath (2Cor.3:17-18). CULTIVATE your future. “Made perfect and BEING made holy” (Hebrews 10).

But, DON’T think that you can continue doing just what you HAVE been doing in terms of your “weed pulling” (or lack thereof), your “sowing” (or lack thereof), and your building with others (or your lack thereof—Heb.3:12-14)... and that somehow everything will change. YOU have to make those Fundamental changes, rather than sowing to the flesh and continuing to reap the well-deserved “whirlwind.” All of that can CHANGE now… Choose. He’s desirable beyond words! And you already are experiencing the first tastes of the alternative to Jesus. : (

Dangerous place? Yea, well maybe. But mostly I would say, “disappointing” and “unnecessary” place. Resolve it in Him, and see yourself more clearly, and your absolute neediness of Messiah as a result. “He who is forgiven much, loves much.”

I’m grateful for your honesty… prayer and agape to you, in Jesus.
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