How is LIFE Where You Live?


I know the teaching is good, and you have some friends and family and peace - but how is LIFE where you live? Worthy to be wearing HIS Name vs just good enough for YOU? Hmmmm. ;)

On Nov 4, 2015, at 5:47 AM, wrote:

Good morning,

My name is ___ in the country of __! I discovered your website just this past Saturday 31st October if I recall correctly or on the Sunday 01st November (which also happens to be my biological birthday)!

All I can say is Praise be to the God and Father of LORD and Savior Jesus Christ!!! Your perspectives and understanding as a community of Christ so evidence the presence of the Holy Spirit moving mightily in your midst.

I am delighted, encouraged and jealous (with a holy jealousy) all at once. Actually... it’s not even jealousy that I feel, rather it’s a renewed yearning and longing for that which I’ve always sensed is out there... authentic Church life!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tasted something of this reality here and there among and with a few brethren from time to time, but it’s barely been a scraping, a hinting of and at what our Father has in store for those who love His appearing!!

Thank you for the inspiration, the challenge to let go of the scraps, to refuse to settle any longer for scraps when our Father’s desire is that I feast at His table!!!

I confidently welcome your prayer support as I avail myself of the Spirit’s enabling and empowering in my life to be His witness here to friends, family and all associates and contacts unashamedly and without wavering.

Yours in Christ,

November 4, 2015 at 6:41:00 AM:

You and those near you will be prayed for immediately!!! Grace (the kindness of His Provision for His Work and Fame) be upon you!!! And glory to God Almighty who takes the weak and makes them strong, and filthy and makes them Clean -- by His Spirit, Blood, and Words.
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