How To Make Your Voice "Carry"


What makes one’s voice more noticeable than another, in a crowd?

In our English-speaking cultures we have an expression that may not translate well for those of you in non-English speaking countries. It is a phrase that expresses the idea that one can “project” his voice through a crowd, in order to be heard above that crowd. It is said in such a case that his or her voice “carries.”

What makes YOUR Spiritual “voice” carry, or mine? How does God hear our voice through the din and clamor and dissonance of the restless menagerie? What would separate your voice or mine from the crowd, clarion and honored from amongst the entirety of humankind’s time and space?

First, those who would come to Him must of course be “bought by the Blood of the Lamb” and “clothed in Christ.” Jesus said, “No one comes to the Father, except through Me.” This is primary. “The Father loves the Son,” and “Only God is good.” We must be “hidden in Christ” and washed in His Blood to sit on Daddy’s lap and express our hearts to Him.

Still, many who are truly given over to Him in Salvation seldom see Him, hear Him, or witness His responses to any great extent. Why is that? Beyond being IN Christ, He also calls us to “walk as HE walked”! And, our Pioneer and Chief Apostle makes this abundantly clear: It is FAITH that makes one voice carry above another’s. Project your “voice”—your heart—directly into the persuadable consciousness of God Himself, by merging your words and petitions and expressions with a worshipful FAITH that knows and trusts His character!

“Without doubting” Father’s power or love or care, we ANTICIPATE His kind intervention and action and actions FOR OUR GOOD. We CHOOSE to contemplate His Love and Power and BELIEVE in His responsiveness, without whining or fear—or the religious disconnectedness of “going through the motions.” We CHOOSE to embrace Faith as we address Him and ponder our lives and situations before Him.

While He may choose timing and means that differ from our self-omniscient perspectives, WE CHOOSE NOT TO DOUBT HIS LOVE, OR HIS INVOLVEMENT. By FAITH. We approach Him by the Blood of His Son, in total trust, and peace, and patience, and unwavering loyalty—EXPECTING His Creative Presence and Intervention.

How can you or I make our Spiritual “voice” carry? By combining our prayer with Faith. It’s all in our attitude towards, and our trust of, our Loving Omnipotent Daddy. : )
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