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Could somebody volunteer to summarize that for the young ones?

One thought that I had was that first statement: desires for other things is an enemy. In light of talking about being a warrior, one of the first things that Mike talked about was, “You can’t be a warrior without an enemy.” What good is a warrior if he is all dressed for battle and he’s got his sword. There’s no enemy. You could go cut flowers or something, but if there’s no enemy you’ve got no battle.

But this writing is talking about how “desires for other things” is an enemy. And if you start focusing on the gift as opposed to Jesus, the Giver, then that’s going to take away a hunger for God. You can feel that happening sometimes where you’re looking at the day and maybe squirt-gun fights, or water, or football, or basketball, or lightning, or some sort of other things come up and you find yourself, everything inside of you wanting to do those things. And your day gets filled with the gifts that God has given us, to the extent that finally our eyes are only on the gifts. And then at the end of the day, you’re satisfied by things of this planet as opposed to having been filled with things of God.

One thing that came to my mind is to not quench that hunger that you have for busy-ness and things you do and to take time out and look at each other and look at your friends and look at different people and different needs around and then really care about people and realize that that is where you’re going to see Jesus. That’s how you’re going to find God, is to create more of a hunger in your own life for that kind of thing. That happens by not fulfilling your desires for other things.

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