I Abdicate


  1. I Abdicate
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Abdicate: To surrender or renounce a right or position voluntarily. It usually refers to a King or Queen stepping down to allow another to rule. We all believe “the lie” at one time or another, that we can rule our own lives, and then “add” God and His Kingdom and His Ways. When we finally figure out that HE knows what He’s doing and that His Ways are right, no matter how we feel or what our flesh desires and regardless of how our flesh tries to creatively find a compromise, then and only then, will we discover the fullness of His Plan for our lives and His church in any locale. Take a chance. Try Him. Abdicate. That’s where HIS Life and Power are found.

Jesus, I am finished with the lie

The LIE that my life is my own

I can’t rule wisely—oh, I’ve tried

Lord, come and sit upon YOUR Throne!

I abdicate authority, I abdicate my “rights”

I abdicate the power to decide

I’m taking my eyes off of me

To keep You in my sight

Beholding You: the antidote for pride

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