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“A thousand lives could not be spent for You for all the love You’re due.” Obviously, a thousand different lives spent for Him is just a drop in the bucket…but what if I was given the opportunity (or the requirement) to live this 80-year lifespan all over again…complete with the heartache and pain and confusion and circumstances and uncertainties and all those opportunities to make the decisions all over again to follow Jesus or to be a god myself; to give Him gifts or bless myself; to lay my life down or grab it for myself. Would I be willing to spend a thousand more lives like that for Him? That’s the question I answer every time I sing this song. “My Father seeks WORSHIPPERS.”

Lovely King

A thousand songs

Could never honor You

With all the praise You’re due

Still we sing to You

You are lovely, Lovely King

Lovely Lord

A thousand deeds

Could not display to You

All the thanks You’re due

Still we give to You

You are lovely, Lovely Lord

Lovely, Lovely King

You are all to me

Please reign over me

Lovely, Lovely Lord

You are my Reward

You are lovely, Lovely King

Lovely One

A thousand lives

Could not be spent for You

For all the Love You’re due

Still we live for You

You are lovely, Lovely One
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