In Spiritual Matters...

Will we each choose to be "Overachievers" -- or "Underachievers"?


Are you an “Overachiever”—one who EXCELS for Jesus in the world around you, though perhaps even with limited gifts, or limited opportunities, talents, intelligence, skills, or limited relationships Given to you at this moment in your life?

Or are you an “Underachiever” for Jesus, who does very little with what HAS been Given to you?

By our choice to “pick up OUR cross”—and FOCUS and SACRIFICE our flesh—as a gift back to Jesus……by the Spirit of the Risen Christ within and Faith in His Name and Promises and Blood—NO one who is truly Saved need be an Underachiever in this present age.

It’s a choice. Make a Good one. : )


An underachiever is a person or student who fails to achieve his or her potential or does not do as well as expected based on capability.

Academic underachievement is attributed to relatively intelligent or gifted students, who do not perform as expected because they are bored, or choose not to excel, or choose a priority system inconsistent with their gifts.

The term is also used for a team that contains many star players but still loses games against teams with relatively little obvious talent, or an individual with exceptional skill or opportunity that does not do what is required to use their potential to perform beyond mediocrity. This would be termed underachieving.


Overachievement is an educational label applied to students, or athletes, or those in any field who perform better than their peers when normalized for the instructor’s perceptions of background, intelligence or talent. The implicit presumption is that the “overachiever” is achieving superior results through excessive effort or focus.

Overachievers are generally contrasted with underachievers who perform less well than the instructor thinks they should given their intelligence.

The term “overachievement” is occasionally applied in other contexts; for example, a country with an unsustainably high per capita income might be described as “overachieving.” In sports, players or teams that significantly exceed the general expectations for with their talent levels are called “overachievers.”
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