The Christian Life is Based on TRUTH and GRACE, Not Feelings!


Hi, i just came across these notes from a few months ago. They were encouraging to me, and seemed to go with what some of us were talking about yesterday—that we must choose to seek God based on Truth, not whether we feel like it or not. Thought i’d pass ‘em on… ~R

The Christian life is solid and firm and steady and based on TRUTH, NOT FEELINGS!!! Although He was capable of being touched at His Heart, Jesus wasn’t an “emotional” guy. His relationship with Father, though it had a place for emotion (“loud cries and wails”) was built on solid truth, not a roller coaster of ups and downs. If you build your life on feelings, they will fail you.

The “failures” we encounter are like briar patches in the middle of this journey towards Home. Scriptures show us which way is downhill with the wind at our back (practical ways to walk) and which way is filled with briar patches (don’t go there!). But it’s not about “our performance.” I don’t need to be tied up in knots over my sin, the briar patches i run into. God will get me Home. The destination, the firm foundation is CERTAIN. No matter my performance or feelings. When i get tangled in a briar patch, i need to turn around, and help others not stray onto the wrong path like i did. I can be more discerning, wiser, and more able to help others stay on course. “satan desires to sift you like wheat, but I have prayed for you, that your FAITH would fail not. And when you have been converted, STRENGTHEN YOUR BROTHERS”!!! SO, about sin/failure, either we… 1) don’t care and ignore it when we hurt Jesus, or 2) we get all tied up in knots, think we’re worthless wretches and unable to help anybody else till we get our own problems fixed (sounds familiar! : ) ) OR 3) we do care that we hurt Him AND we stand firmly on His Grace, in Faith, AND our briar patch experiences help us be able to help our brothers and sisters.
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