Is Volleyball a Worthless Sport? : )


A conversation during a volleyball game... a man in the midst of some self-revelation and God-Revelation that has made him reevaluate what it means to have a Relationship with the God-Head:

“Five years ago, I would have never considered myself a ‘wooden boy’—someone going through the religious motions, but not really knowing God. So now what am I supposed to do, now that I realize that’s all I’ve really been, compared to what it could be? I’ve been angry, I’ve questioned my past—wondering what it was all worth if I didn’t even really know God. How should I view it all? What can I do about it?”

The answer...

Man, CONSIDER THIS PRAYERFULLY!! It’s the only way to fly!... You have NOTHING except today. God is not impressed with your past. He is not DEPRESSED with your past. He doesn’t CARE about your past. Wooden or not, superstar or crumb, IT MAKES ZERO DIFFERENCE. TODAY is who you are. PERIOD. Who will you be TODAY? Will you worship, or NOT? You CHOOSE the answer. Nothing whatsoever “affects” today except what you CHOOSE. At the end of the day, you either decided to WORSHIP, or you made excuses, or you “forgot” because your priorities were self-worshipping. At the end of the day, did you lay down your life for other REAL people, in MEASURABLE ways? Or did you make lame excuses about the past or someone else or just never got around to it because you were SELF centered? YOU CHOOSE TODAY. Yesterday won’t help you. Yesterday won’t hurt you. Yesterday doesn’t exist. ONLY WHO YOU CHOOOOOOOSE TO BE NOW MATTERS. PERIOD. So, wooden boy yesterday? Who cares. Super hero yesterday? Who cares. NOW—who do you CHOOSE to be, by His Grace? GO WORSHIP. GO SERVE. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN ABOUT JESUS. TODAY!! TODAY!! TODAY!! That’s ALL THERE IS, and it is ALL THAT MATTERS ANYWAY!!!” Hallelujah!!!!!!!!
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