Jesus Didn’t Pinch an Inch


Jesus said nothing he did not hear the Father saying, saw nothing he did not see the Father seeing. He did not “pinch an inch” or look at himself in the reflective still pond to see how he looked. He didn’t care about John’s pretty blue eyes, or Peter’s curly locks, and compare himself or admire such things. He saw what God the Father saw: the heart and mind and spirit and future... the traps, the stumbling blocks, and the opportunities for himself and everyone else around him.

And there’s no question Abraham loved Isaac more than his own life—but he had not drooled over Isaac all along, or he could not have lifted that knife so readily over Isaac.


Someone was just telling me that after some of our recent conversations and sowing those seeds, he drove past an SUV that he had never seen before. His first response was “wow that’s the coolest SUV I’ve ever seen.” Immediately he checked his spirit and said to himself, “It’s just a dumb pile of steel. While it is a nice design—it’s just a dumb pile of steel.”
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