Because Jesus is a Person and has THOUGHTS and HE SAID:


“I will Build my Community, in My Way, that the gates of Hell can not withstand!”

This, in a book by the most famous living Urban Planner (Builder of Cities) on earth:

Quote by famous Urban Planner

Many do things and “build” in any fashion that is expedient to our flesh and habits and sensibilities and culture. Shouldn’t we rather seek GOD’S Thought (Mat.16:18, Eph.3:8-10)? If not, we put the future of our spouses, and our children, and our children’s children “in a precarious position.” And there will be further needless undesirable consequences.

Much of what is accepted as “Christian” (by way of comparing the shadow of this present age to the Reality, the Substance, that is IN Christ, the Anointing) … much of our “expedient” building “has been a fundamental determinant of so many things that matter,” says Duany.

As Duany insists, those who claim “such decisions don’t matter” cannot support such a claim of “expedience and good intention are all that matter” in any endeavor of life. Nor can they show you “the gates of Hell no longer prevailing” if you follow them home, and workplace, and “church.” They simply have something to protect. These don’t get a vote, in such a circumstance.

As Paul told us, “The child born in the fleshly way always persecuted the child born of the Spirit. It is the same now.”

Or ISAAC, Joy, Laughter?!!

Many current religious structures and means and forms -- meeting based Christianity, whether home or cathedral -- have no basis in Jesus or His Ways or Truths. Often these “modern mandates of conformity” are truly only borrowed from world religions, often unknowingly.

If we have the courage to See and are sufficiently broken in heart by the horrific “fruit” and the gates of Hell prevailing at an accelerated velocity, we can move towards Jesus and His fruit we had only previously imagined and “preached” about. Similarly, multitudes are accepted as “Christian” only because the definition of Christian is sympathetic and cultural, not what Jesus actually said at all.

This “has been a fundamental determinant of so many things that matter.”

So, what then shall we DO, oh good and faithful servant?

New Wine?
New Wineskins.

Come Isaac!!
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