Just Seek Jesus, Come What May


“Nothing restrains the LORD from saving by many or by few.”

Hi, : ) One of you brothers was recently talking to us about…………

What if there was but ONE person on earth who didn’t want to be “Catholic” in the 13th Century? Are they “wrong” because they didn’t believe the popular thing of the day and go along with it? And the fact that there are 5 million Mormons—does that then make them “right”? There are a Billion Muslims? Does that make “true” their rejecting of Jesus as Messiah, King, Emmanuel? Jesus Himself was rejected by the masses of those who claimed to believe the Bible, and was murdered by those religious-sounding leaders and mobs. Was HE “wrong” because “the greatest number of adherents to a popular religion are automatically right”?

Of course we know the opposite is true. “FEW will be those who find It” and “MANY will say to Me on that day ‘Lord, Lord” and “WOE to you if all men speak well of you” and “All men will hate you because of Me.” The “crowds” and “statistics” and “popularity” are actually an indication of the opposite point—God can’t be in it, if it’s popular rather than a skandalon. “The greatest number of adherents” clearly in Jesus experience and teaching definitely does not make anything “right”.

“But how could so many be wrong?!” Well, that IS what Jesus Himself said. Most according to Jesus, even amongst those who say “Lord, Lord” while “He taught us and ate at our tables” will be the very ones to “not have this Man to be King over us” and “not do the Will of My Father” and be relegated to “outer darkness.” Truth at the end of a gun is not Truth. Truth at the end of a popularity poll or best seller list or “number of adherents and members list” is not Truth. Jesus said it would primarily be the opposite. A CROSS where humiliation and self-sacrifice and rejection and abuse are guaranteed…THAT will never be popular or lucrative. Don’t seek numbers or acceptance or “respect” or affirmation. Just seek HIM, come what may. “Nothing restrains the LORD from saving by many or by few.”: )

…………and i thought of sending you this (old) song in German that i picked up in Hungary. “Does unrighteousness become smaller through addition? Which false tune becomes right because everyone is whistling it?”

much love to you! r

Welcher falsche Ton wird daurch richtig,

dass ihn jeder pfeift?

Und welcher saure Apfel wird süss dadurch,

dass jeder nach ihm greift?

Ich fürchte fast, dass es nicht wichtig ist,

ob es uns das passt, was bei uns richtig ist,

und ob mit uns noch viele andere lieber tun,

was ihm misfällt.

Ich glaube nicht, dass die Menge zählt.

Welches schiefe Bild hängt grade dadurch,

dass es viele sehn?

Welcher tote Weg führt weiter dadurch,

dass ihn viele gehn?

Ich fürchte…

Wer hat denn gesagt,

dass Unrecht kleiner wird durch Addition?

Und das Gott uns wegen unserer

Solidarität verschont?

(English Translation)

Which false tune becomes right

because everyone is whistling it?

And which sour apple will become sweet

because everyone’s grabbing after it?

I’m almost afraid that it isn’t important (to God)

whether it suits us, whether it matters to Him what we think is right,

and whether with us many others would rather do what is wrong in His sight.

I don’t believe that the numbers (crowds) count/matter.

Which crooked picture hangs straight because many are looking at it?

Which dead-end path goes further because many are walking on it?

Who says that unrighteousness becomes smaller through addition?

And that God will spare us because of our solidarity [the large numbers of those who have chosen the same sins]?

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