Just Walk Away

Just a Quiet Thought for the Day


So many truly desire, with every fiber of their being, to put away a particular sin that harasses them, steals their peace and beats them down. Some things were easily put aside. Others were more difficult, but eventually subdued. Other sins do not respond well to direct confrontation, because the very thought of them in the attempt to rid ourselves of them..... only seems to feed the sin and give it strength. Longing for human love, unforgiveness, fear..... there are a number of these types of sins that just don’t always “go away” when we try to beat them down.

Though there are no “excuses” for sins, and “there’s always a way out,” it’s also true that Father wants us to learn of Him in the circumstances that are difficult, when our hearts are TRULY not to hold on to, or excuse, or blame..... just to let go and love on Him, no strings attached. Still, some “giants” are more difficult than others.

Maybe that isn’t you, and you don’t have any such challenges. Perhaps you won’t quite see what I’m saying, and that’s okay. No problem. But, if you can relate to any of that and haven’t found many “answers” in your Journey towards love and purity for Jesus, then maybe you’ll appreciate a thought that has helped me very much in dealing with some of these “other” kinds of sins: the kinds of sin that we desperately want to rid ourselves of, we KNOW are sins and are inexcusable, but do not “go away” when we attempt to try to beat them down for His sake.

For some kinds of sin, it is better to just gracefully lay them at the foot of the cross, and walk away. Don’t reason with it, don’t beat on it, don’t get emotional and have some big extravagant session of exorcising it from your life. No grandiose promises or resolutions or vows. Not this time.

Just walk away, quietly. And don’t look back. Do NOT look back. Just leave it. No lingering, no longing, no remembering. Just walk away, quietly.

These words have meant much to me, personally, and I remind myself of them often when the hurt is greater than I can bear.....

For the saints of God, and for the Lamb.....

“Put it on a raft and let it drift away on the ocean waves until it disappears.”

For Him. For them. He is sufficient.


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