Laws of Conservation

Conservation of Energy, Conservation of Angular Momentum, Conservation of Love


Many know something of the laws of the Physics of God’s ingenious creation—of spinning systems of energy and mass and life.

The Laws of Conservation of Energy and Conservation of Mass and other similar Laws, elaborated on by Bernoulli and experts in fields of electronics and fluid mechanics and thermodynamics and AstroPhysics and a myriad of other fields—all speak of God’s relative “closed system.”

Energy can neither be created, nor destroyed—but simply can be rearranged and change states.

Mass can neither be created, nor destroyed—but simply can be rearranged and change states.

And so on. It’s just God’s Way for His creation to be a closed system, subject to His boundaries. If one doesn’t think so on some topic, then they simply haven’t looked “big” enough yet. They are still comparing themselves to themselves, and haven’t seen the next level yet, due to myopic thought, or an agenda that is desperate to avoid accountability and meaning beyond self-life and human flesh desire.

And so, this next corollary and postulate should be no surprise, as we Know our God’s “style”.....

The Laws of Conservation of Love, and Conservation of Passion.

We can rearrange and allocate Love and Passion in various ways, but we cannot create “more.” That is to say, if we waste our love on ourselves or we waste our love on this present age of molecules and time that will be no more—we will NOT have love for God and others in the same measure that we sell it for nothing to our own desperate flesh, and the world. There’s only a fixed amount of love available in your heart. As in the parable of the Talents, it belongs to Jesus, not to you to spend as you please. The “Rich Man and Lazarus” is another illustration of the same. We take our “share” now—and cannot have it later. Jesus taught this clearly, many times.

And, so it is with the Law of Conservation of Passion.

If we spend our attention on pleasing ourselves in wayward lust or entertainment or indulgence or laziness---

---we are stealing it from our husbands or our wives and our family, our Family, and from Abba.

There’s only so much to go around. We dull ourselves to paying attention to and being sensitive to and understanding and wisdom and life and kindness when we illicitly spend our attention and thoughts and passion.

The Laws of Conservation of Love and Conservation of Passion... are real and immutable. Let’s “not be ignorant of satan’s devices” or “nearsighted and blind, forgetting....”

That’s the Deal. :)

Take it to the Tree, and He will set you Free!
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