Learning Entrances and Exits Realtime


Much happening here, as always. And I really appreciated your thoughts about things there, and the Lampstand and all. Thanks for taking the time to express those thoughts. We’ve had three true second births in the last week, and a fourth likely in an hour or two. It seems that the pruning that God wanted to do of those vines that had been “using up the soil” has allowed sufficient “oil” (sap) for some new Life. Thank God for His Wisdom and Patience. The pruning season never does pass soon enough, and I’m certain that we’re not quite at the end of it either.

Nick and I were just discussing that we had in the past seen and responded with courage to one type of spiritual problem—rebellion toward God and His Word. However, we had not dealt with another type of problem. Jesus referred to the disciples who “just didn’t get it,” “couldn’t quite understand”—the “DURRR” gang... as having “hard hearts.” Not understanding the lesson of the loaves and fishes—though without rebellion per se—in God’s Mind was hardness of heart. If we’ve been born from above we can “SEE” the Kingdom (Jn. 3). If we are sheep rather than goats, we can “HEAR” the Shepherd’s Voice. If we are part of His Church, we have had a revelation of Jesus, the Son of the God, the Living One—and only that Rock can be a foundation for a Life and Church that satan cannot move. Without revelation, without seeing, without hearing... DURRR... there is hardness of heart. And we, as a Church were only seeing the kind of hardness of heart that resulted in rebellion to the God of Abraham, and His Word and Truths.

Therefore, we were careless in examining the entrances and exits (Eze. 44): “If they like us and don’t cause any particular problems, they must be OK with God.” This has caused us much time and energy in sorting all of this out later down the path. Well, we’re learning to trust our spiritual “knowers” (1Jn. 2) a little better. Identifying the second kind of hardness of heart, and treating it like the more obvious kind of hardness: “Come to Jesus! You need healing! Please turn it around!” In the past, it was more like, “I sure wish they could be more mature... I wonder why they don’t seem to ‘see’ anything on their own? We can’t be anyone’s Seeing Eye dog and have their revelation of the Messiah for them. But they are nice enough, and would give you the shirt off their back... would never hurt anyone... know all of the right things....” Well, you know what I mean.

Pray for His Body worldwide that we would have HIS definition of “Church,” and act accordingly. Nothing more, nothing less. Reflecting PERFECTLY His current thought at every juncture.

Love and Trust,

(P.S. I hope that it’s OK that I’ve copied a few people that I want to share some of these thoughts with as well? Thanks...)

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