Led by the Spirit?!


A trustworthy saying, worthy of full acceptation:

If you pray little, and love little, and risk little for Jesus in your days, and Sow infrequent Seeds in your mind in the Word of God—you CANNOT be led by the Spirit of Christ.

If you live as above (“I’m a nice and a sincere religious person, so that should cover it”), you won’t even know it, but…

Your emotions and memories, your perceptions and convictions and decisions will be guided by your fleshly instincts, or by Satan, or the world system and its media (all the same root anyway)—rather than Jesus. You’ll THINK you are “hearing God”—but it cannot be but illusions and delusions. You’ll have no legitimate clue what it means to be led by the Spirit.

But, HEAR YE HIM! There IS a way to submit your spirit INTO His Spirit, to TRULY hear Him!

If you would like to learn to be “led by the Spirit” of JESUS CHRIST, Risen Lord, here are some tools: “How to be TRULY Led by the SPIRIT OF CHRIST JESUS”

May HIS Name be honored by our deep intimacy and connection to the Head, in His Churches in this day!

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