LIFE Through Death, and a True Cross


I remember talking to a Chinese brother some years ago and he kept saying, “You don’t have life.” So what can we do without life…nothing. Our efforts to experience authentic Christianity without life has created a counterfeit religion using His name only, and His bible as an excuse to exist.


And “why” would some even want to do this lifeless version of christianity as they often do years on end, worldwide—substituting music or head knowledge or social or weekly “meetings” for JESUS? Because LIFE can only come from DEATH (John 12:24)—and human flesh HATES A CROSS.

All TRUE Life requires ALL in the local church and everywhere…to “take up their cross DAILY” as Jesus said ALL must do who would Name Him for Salvation.

A cross is not “my asthma” or “my bad luck” or my poverty or my situation. A CROSS is for JESUS and for OTHERS, by definition, or it is NOT actually a “cross” you are “taking up.”

The great god of “SELF” never wants a “daily” cross FOR OTHERS, where “rights” and “comforts” and “space” and “affections” are in any way challenged.

“Without holiness, no one will See the Lord” and “God’s Inscription is clear: all who name the name of the Lord must turn from wickedness” and “A curse be on everyone who doesn’t love the Lord” and “Submit to one another” and “Confess your sins one to another” and “Love one another deeply from the heart.” Jefferson and all of his spiritual descendants in modern christendom have ripped all such NT Scripture pages from their Bibles.

The impotence of trying to pump up life in an “inner tube” that is filled with gaping holes has been an embarrassment to Jesus and His Name. No Life. The LIFE became and becomes the LIGHT of men.

There is HOPE. And I like that. Today is a NEW DAY! : )
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