Little Sips of Self-Life


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We’re talking about how those small instantaneous…snapshots can relate to self or something larger, more important than self. Just to make an analogy, if pagans that drink alcohol just took a little drink every couple of minutes, just a thimbleful every couple of minutes, their whole view of the world, their health and their stability, their reflexes, their ability to think—all of that stuff would be greatly distorted and trashed in a matter of, what would it take, thirty minutes, sixty minutes, if every couple of minutes a little sip of something, some substance that is corrupting of the mind and body? It’s exactly the same way with self-life thoughts.

If we allow our mind to gravitate, even if it’s just some thought… thought... thought… thought… self… me... me… self…. What happens when there is something large required of you that intrudes upon your self-life at some later point? If you’ve been drinking of self-life, just a tiny bit at a time, just a sip, a sip, a sip, letting your mind go to yourself, your own comfort, your own desires, thinking about yourself, what you look like, what others are thinking of you, what you want, what you don’t like, “oh, my knee hurts, my ankle hurts, my head hurts,” “I have the sniffles. I don’t want to catch a cold,” I, I, me, me, me, me, “I’m tired.”

Those little things, if you let those things accumulate, it’s just as destructive ultimately as anything much larger and more malicious. Because when the time comes where something is required of you, if you’ve been imbibing of self-life a little sip at a time over the course of a day, a week, a month, you’ll be absolutely useless when something is required of you that in any way intrudes upon your self-life. Temper will flare. You’ll be totally defensive when something happens. You’ll make some remark that’s totally out of place and wrong, inappropriate and unwise. You’ll make a decision with your time or your money or your possessions that is just totally self-centered and wrong. You’ll lie about something. You didn’t plan on lying about it, but you lied because you’ve been sipping, sipping, sipping, sipping, and now something came along that was a major test of whether your life belonged to God or to you. And you failed the sobriety test of walking with God. You can’t walk the straight line with God without falling over because you’ve been sipping, sipping, sipping over the course of a long period of time, and you have no coordination, no stability left.

These are important things for you to be useful to God and be able to relate to your circumstances and react properly and wisely and intelligently and spiritually when more important situations come up. You will be totally unprepared for that and will fail the sobriety test of God. Your breath will smell of some stench other than the Spirit of God, if you won’t take control of your moment-by-moment thoughts. It’s extremely important that we all learn how to do that.

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