Living in Heaven's Ecosystem


Religion hated Copernicus and Galileo, but they were right! Why was it difficult for religious humans to accept the truth of "science"? Not because they really "knew" any better, but because from their limited perspective of God, they thought for SURE that all "science" had to revolve around and elevate man, or it must be heresy. Some things don't change. :) Modern "discoveries" in genetic science (always subject to the million contradictions and "revisionist" mentality of humanistic "scientists" to cover their tracks and their previous blatant errors) aren't ALL "wrong" of course. To make sense of why the world ISN'T flat and the sun does NOT revolve around the earth, and genetics DO create distinctions amongst humans, and therefore the nature of one's specific kinds of temptations - and what GOD and Regenerative ReBirth have to do with it all, you might "listen in" to a spontaneous discussion that started with a few in a city and grew to be a bit of a crowd before the discussion was over. Someone in the room recorded the conversation, as often happens. A PhD Geneticist happened to be in the room, also, by "coincidence". :) The sections related to genetics are a Rosetta Stone of sorts - explaining the harmony between scientific discovery and spiritual man ReBirth. Nature and nurture, genetics and experience do NOT define any human "born a second time." Recent discoveries in the science of Genetics and socialization, PLUS the power of the Holy Spirit and the species Changes of reBirth - totally harmonize. The Human Genome Project proves God - not humanism. The "third leg of the stool" of nature and nurture... is Spirit-Life! With just the first 2 legs, the stool will always fall over.


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