Look and Listen Again... It's All There


I had this very exciting thought about this day in front of us... today I face the prospect of traveling down roads that have possibly been the site of repeated failure (sin, less than the Glorious Life of God revealed in me) for me, YET the exciting part : ) is that the fact that I have failed before tells me definitively that there are things I have not yet Seen or Smelled or Tasted or Touched or Heard or Believed as I walked down those roads. The exciting part is that there are things I can See, on these same well-traveled paths, that I have never Seen before or things that I can Hear that I never listened to before. And so, I can face this day of new or even old paths, and not be afraid, not because I am certain I will execute His intentions flawlessly or learn perfectly without excuses, [though I do WANT to!] but because there are NEW things to learn if I will look and listen! And if I fail, the Truth remains steadfast, so I can get back up and keep going and looking and reaching out to Touch the Things I missed before. It’s the Stuff of heaven that I haven’t yet noticed or realized that awaits us and sparks some excitement for me. : ) —ls 11:20 a.m.

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