Look for the Hungry


Hi! Thanks for the time you make to e-mail us back so quickly. …Here is the thing. Do we keep going to bible study with brothers and sisters who are superficial at best, and want us to keep our mouths closed?

Hey guys : ) There are SO many people in the world who are GENUINELY HUNGRY for the Word of God and the Life of God amongst His People (Eph.2:19-22, 3:10; 1Cor.12).…and you DON’T need to spend your time chasing those around who don’t want anything more than Sunday-morning-go-to-meeting, leaven in the batch, kind of religion. If their fears or material world life-styles, or their pride, or lack of intimacy with Jesus results in them WANTING ritual, hierarchy, leaven, and the like…then let them go. Maybe another year. Spend your time searching for those who CLEARLY “want it” (though some will “spring up quickly with great joy” but wither later)—and share your life with them. You will find them scattered in many religious facilities “around town” and amongst those who will not partake of that tainted loaf again, and God will Sovereignly introduce you to. Pray to the Lord of the Harvest, who wants it more than WE do, and just carry on! Give away things to read to folks in every denomination and non-denomination and grocery store within 100 miles…and just watch what Father does. And, EVEN IF you never experience anything that is gratifying to you in your lifetime, you’ll still KNOW you “served the Purposes of God in your generation” by serving a “wake up call” to your area! If those other folks don’t want it, don’t beg. Invite, and then walk on. That’s the Way of the Master….

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