Love Jesus. Love People.


(Passed along)

Reject the complexity gnawing inside

Lift up your head. Shake the fog from your eye.

This is simple. It is. Believe that that’s true

It’s sure not complex, and it’s not about you.

Go back to the basics. Get out of your head.

Stay at the basics, and live there instead:

Love Jesus. Love People.

When thinking is tangled with thoughts flying in,

Stand stalwart on Truth. Let simplicity win.

Cut through it all! Pierce with heavenly blade

Don’t let it enslave you. Your ransom’s been paid

Love Jesus, Love People.

The enemy‘s eager to ransack and fool

To twist every truth and make tyranny rule.

Don’t give in to distraction. We need you to be here,

Not lost in your head. No. Stay focused, stay clear

God won, and He will win. Don’t allow feeble hands

From the start God has told us, this is no new command:

Love Jesus. Love People.

Look up in to heaven. See the end of the story

See the climax right now, God triumphant in glory

Keep that vision before you. Don’t let it grow dim.

Look forward to His dream, and bring it to Him.

Love Jesus. Love People.
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