Love, not Duty - as in any REAL Relationship :)


Our prayer to Father to “lead us not into temptation” is essential to honor HIS power, never ours, over all of our “walls” - as with Job.

Having said that, it is WONDERFUL that we are granted Opportunities when no one else may be looking to OFFER GIFTS TO FATHER by CHOOSING to intentionally and willingly love Him more than our flesh and temptation, the “giants in the land” that train us to rule and reign at His side. And guess what? It’s GOOD for us also, to have these moments to decide regarding our fleshly appetites and comforts, and attitudes and thoughts and relationships in the shadows, and vices and hiding places and habits that are not a part of Jesus and OUR true Genetic identity. These “Cross-roads” He allows, “never beyond what we can bear” and turn away from from the heart (even if “barrrrrely”) are forever clarifying our hearts and minds that we obey Him out of LOVE!!! -- not out of “duty” or “man-pleasing” or fear. :) Thank Him for that Opportunity. :)
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