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I have been emailing a sister in Christ for almost a year now. She hasn’t been “attending” church for a year now, at first doing her own will, but then after awhile learning about most of the churches in the system today are not following God’s will. I feel like she is sliding backwards, because she is just lonely for fellowship. Am I wrong to be concerned? She’s also started involving herself with a group with much compromise. Thank you for any suggestions you might have.

Love in Him,

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First of all—she DOES need other Believers, “EVERY DAY” in her life (Acts 2:42-47, Heb.3:12-14, 1Cor.12). So, if she has been lacking that obedience and Opportunity, that would be unfortunate, and needs to be changed, for sure.

Secondly, not everything that calls itself a “church” IS a “church.” This can be seen clearly in the “letters to the seven churches” and the fact that even EPHESUS was about to lose its privilege of being a “church”—a “Lampstand”—and would lose Jesus’ special presence “circulating amongst the Lampstands, which are the churches.” There are other ways to demonstrate this point, but suffice it to say that everything that calls itself a “church” is not a “church”—though there are probably still good people there, and certainly some Saved, as there surely were in Ephesus.

Thirdly, if she is going to be “there”—fine, for now. BUT, since “a little leaven leavens the WHOLE BATCH,” she will be leavened before long, if they are building as men build. If 100% of the “congregation” is not building GOD’S WAY (Heb.3:12-14 is the ONLY way to “remove the leaven from the batch”—RELATIONAL LIFE, DAILY, with 100% of the “congregation,”) then even any good she does will be leavened, diminished, eroded, and often stolen. That’s just the way it goes. God PROMISED it so. And apart from Heb.3:12-14 and 1Cor.12……there is no hope of resolving the “leaven leavening the WHOLE BATCH” or “hardening by sin’s deceitfulness” issues. “Your meetings (and skits and programs and sermons and Bible Classes and ___) do MORE HARM THAN GOOD” was written to those who were living selfish, indulgent, independent lives, “not discerning the Body.”

So, IF she’s going to be there, she MUST “do the Work” and do it well, and do it quickly and efficiently. “Blending in” is NOT a choice, if one wants to please Jesus and NOT be “leavened” herself!

Well..… There are a few thoughts…..

In our Messiah,
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