Poem: Living in Open Heaven

This Book, in itself, has absolutely no value to anyone, except by God's Grace. No Kidding. Only God can Help us out of the jam we've gotten ourselves into. But we can, at least, cooperate with Him! Let's.


Living in Open Heaven

I have with my People a solemn contention

Too many live bound by lower Dimension.

Hear My heart, oh My Offspring, with committed retention!

You’re Called together in My Life of unshackled Ascension.

What I speak of that follows — I Myself have shown:

When I was queried or suspect to outsiders unKnown

I never cowered or stammered with apology tone!

My heart was aFlame, with Life my Father had grown.

When on trial for Truth by thugs and misguided

Do you cower and falter as if THEY presided?

The Truth of My Words — are already Decided;

But these make-believe judges have mocked and derided.

I hold this against thee when thou feelst some small stress:

When attacked by pretenders who My Will oft transgress -

Don’t bend to their folly, nor at all acquiesce.

You’re a Kingdom of Priests, sent to Reveal and to Bless!

Why would you respond apologetically weak

While My Honor and Truths you’re entrusted to speak?

Yes of course speak in love, as My Children are meek,

But the evil aren’t your jurors - they’re unfit to critique.

WHO is the head, and who is the tail?

Are THEY not the ones who’ll be weighed on My Scale?

It is not MY People they should dare to assail

And if you won’t Stand — MY Honor you’ll fail.

I have fed you My Word and given My Life!

Religious world-loving accusers — won’t be My Wife.

So, if you still crumble under the slightest of strife

You will tarnish My Testimony, meant to be rife.

Filled with MY Spirit, inflamed by MY Fire

You’ll turn back naysayers, woo those who inquire.

Dark, empty lives play judge, looter and liar

But My Purpose for YOU draws you higher and higher.

The mountaintop Eagle appears small - to those unable to fly,

Just as name-calling comes easy from lives deformed and awry.

Don’t hide and don’t stammer with Divine Appointments nearby:

Invite men to See ME — that they too may soar High!

— Michael

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