Missions/Aid Relief?


Thanks again for the CDs. The words of “Lovely King” come to mind again and again. I love to sing my praise to Jesus (I’ve no doubt he loves it, too). My prayers just turn into songs when it comes to telling Jesus how lovely He is and how much I adore Him.

I was wondering if you had some thoughts for me. My wife and I have recently been thinking of travelling—with the intention of using our skills to serve communities in need and be a witness for Christ. They are very vague/dream-like ideas. We’ve both had chances to travel in the past and not thought it right at that stage. I’ve never really been interested anyway—convicted that God had me where I was for a purpose and with too many relationships and commitments that He was working in. Lately though, a number of emails from friends and the odd comment here and there have got us thinking. Maybe it’s God?

We’ve been searching our hearts—asking God why these ideas suddenly sound appealing. We also approached a few organizations that administrate missions/aid relief/’tent making’. Nothing is getting any clearer. It’s only been a few months now, and we’re in no hurry (unless God hurried us).

May God bless you and reward your faithfulness.

In His Service,

Hi! Great to hear from you, and I truly love your heart in what you said in your letter. But also : ) I KNOW that when you asked me that question, you didn’t expect to hear back a pat answer that conforms to the politically correct and droopy fruited bible hour attendance—and do your own thang, NON-Acts 2:42-47 quality of Life. So, I’m going to take a chance, since you can’t slap me from so far away, and just be concise! : ) BELIEVE me, this is NOT an “American thing” to be concise and clear, rather than hypocritically subtle and hidden! They hate it here too…and in Poland, in Brazil, in England, in Romania, in Kenya, in Canada, in Germany, and in Togo too. : ) But, you like me, and I like you and respect you, so you just have to let me get away with it, since YOU asked! Okay? : ) Here goes:

Boy, I would SURE love to see you really plug in to the lives of the wonderful folks in your area, and demonstrate the Kingdom of God and Testimony of Jesus with THEM in your city, so you’ll have more to be useful with if He DOES call you elsewhere! And those who could Send you, as is the Biblical Pattern anyway. You can only bear the fruit of what you’ve LIVED, and He is not building anything of ideas and words, but of lives “Joined and knit together by every supporting ligament”—as “a city set on a hill that CANNOT be hidden.” I know there are folks in your area that would LOVE for you to be a daily part of their lives as a Testimony of His Grace and Power and Plan, that looks like HIS Body collectively connected to HIM. WOW would I love to hear that y’all were LIVING THAT WAY EVERY DAY, so that you all have something to share besides the first Principles that you’ve had DEEP Experience of. “The Pillar and Foundation of Truth is the Ekklesia” and that’s the place where character and gift and understanding and true maturity are formed—that the gates of Hell may no longer prevail. As individuals saying and doing and going? …Well, that’s not His Plan! The LIFE becomes the Light of men, not the other way around.

SO, I’d just LOVE it if you could put all your eggs in THAT basket and you all could LOSE YOUR LIVES into the lives of others EVERY DAY—and so far I’m hearing that this is still but a baby expression of God’s Life there. There are WONDERFUL HEARTS for it (that is VERY obvious!), but only baby steps. That’s great so far (the day of Small Beginnings really IS okay!)—but it seems like to me that THIS is where everyone should invest their hearts and lives and gifts, SO THAT the Holy SYNERGY of LIFE TOGETHER can shake your city and the world…and IN THAT CONTEXT you’ll know exactly where and how to live!

Or, you could join a mission organization. UGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!! ;) xoxoxox : )

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