Picture This: Modesty and Professionalism


Imagine that an artist, “a professional” artist, would like to see or analyze your spouse’s hip, or their posterior, or their lower abdomen or lower back. This artist (of the opposite sex of your spouse) just wants a quick peek of your wife or husband’s body—for “professional” purposes, of course.

Great idea?

After all, they ARE “professionals”—so they are not really human—and so it should be fine for them to stick their hands down your spouse’s pants or pull down their pants a little, or anything like that. Right?

Now, how about a “professional” tailor? Ask your wife or husband to strip down to the bare necessities for the person of the opposite sex—since they ARE “professionals”—not like other humans. I mean it IS necessary. And they ARE “professionals.” It would be okay, right?

An auto mechanic is a “professional.” If they say they want to see your bare hip, or rear end, or lower abdomen, or your wife or husband’s or daughter’s—why not? A “professional” is a “professional”—what difference would it make? I mean professionals aren’t human, and all “professionals” get “special” privileges with our bodies and the bodies of those we love. After all, a school teacher’s “professional” classes in school, or a plumber’s apprenticeship, is as good as a therapist’s “degree” from Ivy Tech—right? An extra two years of sitting in classes in “med school” makes it all OK to do things we wouldn’t let a salesman do, right?

If you want to compromise with “chiropractors” and other so-called “professionals” as it relates to body parts shown to the opposite sex (and not even any valid “emergencies” to make it even slightly excusable—though still VERY unfortunate)…….. if you want to compromise, at least be consistent. Don’t forget the auto mechanics and sales clerks when you’re giving things away, like discreet parts of your body, that belong to Jesus and His Bride.



Here’s one person’s response to the topic, and more thoughts below…

….I believe we can’t mangle together God, and worldly physicians and follow ups with hospitals. Using docs and hospitals in most cases it includes being drugged up (corceries which alter the mind, God forbid) or cut in pieces….and seriously that is not the way Jesus and the apostles healt people in HIS time, you might agree with me in this?……

Thanks for your thoughts……it’s a tough question! We got another response (1) about how the medical profession SHOULD get full rights to violate modesty, and it was being legalistic to suggest that modesty applied the same way in that environment. I still energetically and Biblically disagree with that assertion—that the medical profession should be allowed to violate our modesty. Scripture gives no such privilege to pagans, medical or otherwise. That is man-made logic, which James does not speak highly of. I see no way that God makes an exception for the medical industry. OF COURSE, it is a different topic entirely as to whether we should LEAN on the medical industry at all, modesty or no modesty. That is a different topic, of course. “Drink a little wine, Timothy—it’s good for your stomach and frequent illnesses.” Was Paul practicing medicine, when he should have said, “You need more faith Timothy!” These are difficult questions. OF COURSE, to RUN to the medical industry, instead of RUNNING to Jesus is foolish and faithless. That is EASY to discern. Now, can we ever USE the medical people, at God’s leading, without violating any other Higher Principle? Yes, I believe it is possible, AS LONG AS we are the head and not the tail. We take our automobiles to the shop for repair. But they are our servants, our hirelings, not our masters. It is the same when we take our biological machines to the shop. We seek GOD first IN BOTH CASES! And then we LISTEN. But NEVER do we give ourselves over to running to the shop or the doctor FIRST without seeking God. And THEN, we would NEVER allow Truth to be violated in order to get our cars or body parts repaired by the repairmen hirelings. Never……… Gotta run! Love,

PS: Your English is pretty good!


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