Multiply This Times a Hundred (Part 2)


“Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are even incapable of forming such opinions.” (Albert Einstein)

So WHY are so many “incapable” of embracing JESUS’ Ways, and instead want to USE Him for their own form of religion? Why would so many, whether “attending” a schedule and agenda in “homes” or temples, forfeit His Best for Ishmael—the Isaac “look-alike”—and thereby forfeit God’s true and best Favor?

Some continue in the “attendance-based” and “holy man” Ishmael because of fear. They’ve been brainwashed by culture to believe what mom and grandma have done MUST be “right”—and what was so radically different in the Biblical account (1Cor.12, Acts 2:42-47) was “just for them.” Why do so many fear the Truth of God’s Intention for His People, “joined and knit Together by every supporting ligament,” “contending as One Man for the Faith,” “no needy persons among them”? Why blush and turn away from the very Thought of a church the gates of Hell cannot prevail against, to accept the placebo of story-hour words and song and dance? FEAR of the unknown. FEAR of the daily “exposure” and “intrusion” into their “lifestyle” of Biblical Christianity (Heb.3:12-14, James 5:1-16, Gal.6:1-5, Heb.10:24-26, etc). Fear of having to challenge the world around them and biological relatives. Fear of rejection. Fear of being different. Fear of the certain fierce retribution of those “builders” who reject the Living Stone.

Others continue to propagate “cultural” christianity because they literally PROFIT from it. They “cannot” understand or embrace the Christianity of the Bible because of what they gain from their version, as the “leaders” and “teachers.” The Real thing would leave them abandoned to Jesus, without the PRIDE, POWER, and PESOS that they are extracting from the “holy man” and “attendance-based” form of religion of today.

SOME continue in the leaven-filled cultural religion of today because they just don’t KNOW what Father had in mind. They would embrace all of Him—if they only knew. “Without VISION, my People perish.” 

We hear from all three categories, all around the world, every day. And, too, this “fourth” category... : )

And then there are those who have been willing to embrace the Skandalon of a Messiah—a Messiah who will not be bottled and sold on a website or in a “christian book store” or “attended.” 

May His Tribe “go forth and multiply, and fill the earth” with His Glory!! He wants those who are His to explore the “many Rooms” of Father’s Mansion, going deeper and deeper into all the Riches that are His. : )
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