Netflix and News… Can NUMB


While Netflix “can” inspire or recreate at times, it’s addictive and dilutive far more often than restorative.

News “can” educate and instruct at times, it is mostly static and noise, addictive and biased, rather than creating any real life opportunity.

MSG, Sugar, Salt, processed starches. These have more interest in making you an addict to them, than in actually making you a better person. A thief who offers to make you rich is not a loyal friend you should desire to return to often - unless your motive is both clear and pure.

Time and emotion and a sensitive heart for Use are stolen by these thieves if we are not judicious at all times.

Netflix and News… can NUMB. They can steal time never to be recovered, and dilute or distort emotions, plant seeds of vulgarity and violence, that might have otherwise been not introduced into our lives.

We know that seeds grow things. Seeds grow things.
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