The Giants are Meaningless — The Battle is The LORD'S !!!


I listened to this this morning and was so challenged, inspired, encouraged and convicted! I want to have the faith of Joshua and Caleb, i want to live like this. Can we pray for each other that we will?! I thought y’all would appreciate it and be encouraged too! love,

The Giants are Meaningless—The Battle is The Lord’s!!!

…If you’ve sought Him, He’s probably given you direction, wherever you happen to live. And I just encourage you to not shrug your shoulders. But begin to walk in and take responsibility for the things that He knows He’s called you to do. He’s probably given you the next step, the next couple of steps. They may imply a little bit of personal costliness. You may not be able to groan and complain when you get off work, “I’m too tired, God give me direction, oh well.” And then have a beef about it all. He probably did show you that after you got off work or maybe even though you have two crying babies or something like that, that there is something that you can do. “Walk ye in it.”

Take those steps forward and do it now. Don’t wait, don’t delay, don’t procrastinate and hide behind, “I don’t understand or I’m too tired or I’m too frustrated.” Don’t hide behind those things. Millions of people have done that their whole lives. Like the ten spies, “Oh, the giants are just too big, we can’t do it.” Joshua and Caleb said, “I don’t care how big they are, the battle is the Lord’s! I’m going to go out, I’m going to do it!” Don’t be caught in that judgment of forty more years of wandering simply because you didn’t have enough faith to walk in what He’s already called you to do in the land that He’s already given you. The giants are meaningless, the giants of your own fears, your own inadequacies, your own challenges with babies or jobs or personality things. Those giants are meaningless. Those that walk in faith shall overcome because the battle is the Lord’s! Most people just historically have refused to go out with their five smooth stones because it’s not logical to attack a giant with a slingshot and so they sat in their tent praying and wondering why their life is so fruitless. Get out on the battleground with your stones! And don’t hide behind anything super spiritual like, “I haven’t had any Visitations recently so I don’t know what to do.”

Go after it. You personally go after it. If you were the only one on earth with a message from God, like Jonah in the city of Ninevah with 120,000 people that are ready to kill you…if you were the only one, like Jonah, you would still have a responsibility. And if you lose your life in the process, so be it. Maybe God will bring the whole city to repentance. Maybe He’ll have you hung by your toes. But it doesn’t make any difference. You’re here temporarily, passing through this life on a very short-term basis. Don’t go out moaning and complaining that you didn’t know what to do, so you didn’t do anything. Go—you have a commission. You go! You do it. Your brothers and sisters will help you and receive help from you. Quit moaning and go!
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