When The North Star Turns Its Back...


God’s Sovereign Relationship to Truth:

The Word was with God. The Word was God.

To some come a day

where Guidance fades dark

when love of the world

poisons heart, drowning spark.

Two affections breed

in “space of time”

ceremonial teachers,

itching ears, blind paradigm.

The Spirit-Life

is not as school

where study and knowledge

may redeem the fool.

For God gives Sight

or blinds the hard

He deludes heart impure

and conscience marred.

To experience His Way

through smoke and storm

Holy Hill’s clean hands

must renounce lukewarm.

Those who waste His holiness

may be turned over to fear

Trampling His Love

surely conscience will sear.

His Good and Perfect Will

may actually be known

if His lambs reject world

to embrace Blood’s Atone.

Faith’s obedience in Life

and beholding the Son:

Full and Free Salvation’s found

in knowing the One.

Into Holy of Holies

the double-minded can’t go

Foolish mere men

will despise Spirit-Life’s glow.

For the Father reveals Truth

to those of love’s loyalty

He Transforms us and bids us

to share His Son’s infamy.

All Truth is in Christ

Only there It is found

Our “yes” to His Voice

Makes clear Shepherd’s sound.

Truth’s not acquired

by sweat and mere mind

Only Father can mend us

into Connection, Life and Vine.

When the “builders” sell soul

to pride, power, and wage

they can never know more

than tradition and rage.

As Sailor and Pilgrim

call constellations to guide,

those with foul conscience

cause The North Star to hide.

Spirit-Life, Together-Life are found near His breast

where loving obedience brings us to His Rest.

The Scriptures’ Commands are not legal and hard

but His Ways are a place where Angels, and Freedom…stand Guard.

(Rom.1:21-25, Acts 7:42, Mat.11:27-28,

1Cor.2:8-3:3, 1Peter2:4-8, 1Tim.1:5-7,

Mat.23, John 7-8, 2Thes.2:10-11, Rom.8:17,

Heb.12:14, Heb.6:4-13, Heb.10:19-32, Ps.119,

Eph.5:6-11, Eph.4:17-24, Rom.12:1-2,

John 10:1-16, John 15:1-27, Ps.24:3-4)

And, for those who love Him,

The Bright Morning Star

Shines Brighter and Brighter

Unto the Full Day!

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