Some say there is no such place as Neverland

They are wrong, it is close at hand

It is a place where you never grow old

It is a place where winter knows no cold

You don’t know this land? There are not many who do,

But I am here to tell you that fairytales really do come true.

While you won’t find Peter Pan or Tinkerbell too

You will find peace and be born brand new

Here old and young walk hand in hand

Here they, together, make castles in the sand

“Is there magic in this land?” you ask

Of course, but none with bunny and mask

The magic is found deep within the heart

Made of no tricks, it’s more like art

Here you will have magic wings that make you soar

To help you, as you rise above this world’s roar

Never heard of this magical land?

It’s only found in the palm of His hand.

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