New Discovery in Genetics


The human body is similar to the functioning of the BODY OF CHRIST…what a surprise! : )

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p.s. Here is the cool excerpt you asked me about from my genetics studies. : ) Interesting that the field of genomics (“the study of the functions and interactions of many genes or other DNA sequences”), although the idea wasn’t new, began in earnest in the 90s. Hm. ; )

“A genome is like an orchestra. Just as not all of the instruments play with the same intensity at every moment, not all genes are expressed continually at the same levels.

“Before the field of genomics began in the 1990s, the study of genetics proceeded one gene at a time, like hearing the separate contributions of a violin, a viola, and a flute.

“Many genetic investigations today, in contrast, track the crescendos of gene activity that parallel events in an organism’s life. The new view has introduced the element of time to genetic analysis. Unlike the gene maps of old, which ordered genes on chromosomes, new types of maps reveal the timing of gene expression in unfolding programs of development and response to the environment.” (R. Lewis)
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