NightNight True Story to Make You Smile


Just thought you might enjoy a tidbit from yesterday, a bit of a Demonstration of John 13:34, “THIS will make it clear to all men that you are My disciples: by their witness of your love for each other.”

In most parts of the U.S. there is a tax-paid service of garbage removal from the street in front of each abode, on a pre-specified day, once per week. Yesterday, one of us ran one last bag of trash to the street while the city garbage collector dude was in front of some of our houses (a hundred or more of the Believers in the church here live near each other in this particular neighborhood). The young to middle-aged African American worker said, “If I can EVER do ANYTHING for you guys, please just let me know! I wanted you to know, you all are my favorite neighborhood.”

Now, you may not see the significance of a Municipal employee who travels all over his assigned parts of a city of 1.2 million residents making a comment like that, but it’s hard not to see this—John 13:35—as the explanation for these types of encounters and Divine Appointments. : ) Jesus’ Ways are Right and Good : ) though mostly un-lived, only read about or “studied”. ; /

Come ON—Live it, Love it! : )

Sleep well and be Healed and Whole in His Name…

11:15 p.m.
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