Not Convinced of Their Own Position


Darwinian Biologists are not convinced of their own position - after all of these years of hoping to find the missing links of honest scientific proof, rather than a religion of Darwinism.

This quote is from Bioinformatics Algorithms: An Active Learning Approach (2nd ed., two vols.) by Phillip Compeau & Pavel Pevzner.

Compeau is an assistant professor in the Computational Biology Department at Carnegie Mellon University.

Pevzner is the Ronald R. Taylor Professor of Computer Science and the Director of the NIH Center for Computational Mass Spectrometry at the University of California San Diego. (

“We will never be able to prove a scientific theory…in the same way that we have proved one of the mathematical theorems in this chapter. In fact, many biological theories are based on arguments that a mathematician would view as fallacious; the logical framework used in biology is quite different from that used in mathematics. To take an historical example, neither Darwin nor anyone else has ever proved that evolution by natural selection is the only — or even the most likely — explanation for how life on Earth evolved! We have already given many reasons to biology professors to send us to Biology 101 boot camp, but now we will probably be rounded up and thrown into the Gulag alongside Intelligent Design proponents. However, the fact remains that not even Darwinism is unassailable; in the 20th Century, this theory was revised into Neo-Darwinism, and there is little doubt that it will continue to evolve.”
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