Nothing Can Stay the Same!


What if you had never been to a congregational church meeting?

What if you had no idea of church history?

What if you read the words and stories of Jesus for the first time?

Your first impulse would not be to gather people together on Sunday morning at 10:00, place them in rows, preach to them for an hour and try to get them to give you money.

What does it look like if we try to strip our presentation of the Kingdom of God of 2,000 years of tradition and institutionalism?

The prisoners in the sunday pews are making the cagemasters very nervous as they begin to rattle the cages and ask the questions they’ve been trained their whole lives to not ask, about titles and money and attendance and ritual and hypocrisy and worldliness.

“When people change how they think, nothing can stay the same.” (Stephen Biko, 1946-1977)

12:09 a.m.
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