On Prayer... May, 1850


“If a person would pray, he must be willing to be made Holy; and if there shall be any stumbling-block in the way, any besetting sin, any unmortified appetite, any passion, any propensity, and unyielded dream or call, he must be willing to surrender it to, and for, the Lord Jesus. If he or she is unwilling, and insists that the blessing must be granted in his or her own way, then he or she cannot be said to pray acceptably.

“The man or woman who would pray to God acceptably must love his enemies. A person who continues in the practice of certain forms of sin, unwilling to yield up his or her idols, unwilling to be crucified to themselves, and to the world, cannot pray acceptably. Persons must be willing to be, to do, to suffer if they desire God, rather than the superficial.” 6:50 p.m.

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