One Example of Millions


Did you know?

“The American colonists fought for independence from British rule 230 years ago, waving the revolutionary banner of ‘freedom from British taxes.’ Ironically, once the United States government formed, its main source of revenue was derived from placing customs and excise taxes on the same items that were taxed by Great Britain.” (How Stuff Works, 4/06)

That’s just how things are in this age, and any age, of course. Smoke and mirrors; bubble gum and bailing wire.

The whole world, this “wicked and corrupt generation” as Rabboni called it, is utterly filled with double-talk, compromise, illusions, and self-serving decisions. “Sales jobs” and “hidden agendas” and “power plays” dominate interactions in every country and language, in politics, in the corporate world and its internal org charts, in the media, in every arena and circumstance, from man’s religions, to company picnics, to family reunions. History is replete with the ubiquitous examples of nepotism, prejudice, reverse-prejudice, hate crimes and lies, pride and deceit, blame-shifting and sabotage, in both war and supposed peace—with men and women twisting, spinning, manipulating, or totally manufacturing “information” and “truth.” Often, their “evidence” and “facts” are really, at the heart of it, designed to cover-up, or control or retaliate—not to heal or restore or resolve or build. Kingdoms and supposed democracies, ghettos and palaces, religious machines and government programs and hierarchies, newspapers, magazines, and television news, every company from Xerox to Boeing to Acme—these are all seldom what they appear. The “truths” are bought and sold, spoken or not—often based on personal interests, rather than reality. It’s part of fallen man’s DNA, outside of Christ. There’s no reason to be either surprised or frustrated by it. Just expect it, then look Up—and then love one another, and keep on doing that.

Jesus alone speaks and lives TRUTH, in this generation or any other. 

Hear ye Him. : )
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