Only Together With Us


Saints, step back and think with me for a moment. Jesus came to this planet, in the fullness of time, with an absolute, specific purpose and desire to impart to those who were willing to receive it. Though “He is not far from any one of us,” very little, in the course of history since then, has been fulfilled in that “specific purpose and desire.” But... YOU and I and others of like mind with Him ARE in the process of learning, growing and experiencing THAT VERY specific purpose and desire. How important it must be to Him to see it accomplished, and how willing He must be to help those that want to “go all the way” in it. Whatever sacrifice that might require, isn’t it worth it? Can you thank Him for the rare and precious opportunity and be willing to “work harder than all the rest” of those who’ve gone before to see it to its climax??? “THEN the end shall come.” OH, GLORIOUS DAY!!!!!! Can’t Wait. : ) —dave 8:02 p.m.
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