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Hi Saints,

Thank you, I have been greatly blessed by the resources on your site and reading the books.

Do you know where the saints in __ that you visit with in our country are meeting here? I am desperate to find others who share my desire to meet under the headship of Christ.


Hi Marco, we pretty well don’t ever give out information about others, even if they live just down the street from each other. “Unless the Lord builds the House, the builders build in vain”—is a very Important and oft-neglected principle in our world. We DO trust HIM soooooooooo much to help His People, IF they are obedient to His Spirit. Primarily, LIFE is built and not found. That’s a GOOD thing, a GOD thing. The sound of the hammer mustn’t be heard in the House of God. What GOD has joined together, MAN has a much more difficult time ripping up and demolishing, as has happened millions of times in the last generation of the religious world. So, we seldom do pass on people’s information—though we get that question many times every day, of course. But, just as a thought to ponder in your heart……

The question should never be (and never was in the New Testament) “Can I find someone to meet with” or “How long have they been meeting together?” or “When do they meet?” or “Can you help us find others who share our desire to ‘meet’ under the headship of Christ?”

A bunch of us in Georgia were just recently discussing this very thing. : )

LIVING and LOVING DAILY under Jesus’ Lordship is important. Meeting under His Lordship as a pursuit is like asking a child how often they “meet” with their parents or siblings. Sounds silly when you think about it, doesn’t it? : ) Maybe that’s why “meetings” were NOT the focus of the New Covenant life in the Bible and barely ever even mentioned as “meetings” per se. Those questions in quotes above about variations of making “meetings” central to Christianity, though Jesus and the Apostles and those under their Leadership did not, are foreign to the New Covenant understanding, Scriptures, and practice. It is the “gift” of clergy and worldliness to God’s People, and bears terrible fruit. Such questions about “meetings” would not have been asked in the days when men and women KNEW JESUS as a friend and those around them as His Body and part of HIM. : )

CAN you imagine someone who appreciated Jesus’ Teaching and Works in AD 31 coming up to him and asking “Hi Jesus, when do you meet?” so as to schedule Him in? Of course not. : ) They left their nets and were His—DAILY—from the minute they could first See Him for Who He Is, and chose to Yield to Him.

“As you rise up, as you sit down, as you walk along the way”—is never going to fit into a schedule, even if you do happen to “meet” from time to time. With those with whom you are “totally intertwined in daily life with, in homes and families and activities and travels and jobs and relationships and decisions with” (the definition of koinonia, fellowship) you may, from time to time, bring “the whole church together” (1Cor.14) of course. But, Heb10:24-27 is not about “meetings” but about living Life around Jesus with Believers, during meals and football and parks—and all the stuff that LIFE is made out of! Don’t forsake THAT to be a loner without the “Kingdom of Priests” and Jesus’ Gifts around you 5 days out of every 7, “as some are in the habit of doing”! Sure, there may be larger houses amongst the Saints that are the most likely places for being “devoted to the apostles’ teaching” and prayer and fellowship and breaking bread Together. Of course. But, that’s not the same as calendar-based and timed and choreographed, clergy-controlled (even if “invisible infrastructure”), meeting-based (and therefore leaven-filled) religion. JESUS didn’t and doesn’t do that. : )

“Here’s the church and here’s the steeple (or couches and folding chairs). Open the doors and here’s all the people. For two hours, once or twice a week.” It’s all the same as the discussion of who say the quote, “We don’t GO to church, we ARE the church.” Most who say this quote…still GO TO (but don’t quite admit it)—and still AREN’T (missing the GLORY of God’s Plan regarding Ekklesia)—yet. : )

We don’t need to fix our “vocabulary” but our LIVES. To think in terms of “when do you meet?” as even being a question, and “do you know those who ‘meet’ under Jesus’ Lordship in my area?” would seem totally ludicrous to our hearts and experience, when we REALLY See what the Body of CHRIST is, Acts 2:42-47. Just as a nine year old being asked “when do you meet with your family and brothers and sisters?” is silly when we’re TRULY and VISIBLY a FAMILY of “a hundred mothers, brothers, and sisters…with persecutions and Always-was-Always-will-be LIFE.” : ) “Christ in YOU (plural in the Greek—the Hope of GLORY!”

Food for thought. : )

—Love, m
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