How Do I Know Who to Trust?


“Wisdom is proved Right by her CHILDREN” (the OFFSPRING of their teaching—the FRUIT, the RESULTS—not the words), as Jesus said.

Borrowed information is VERY different than REVELATION and IMPARTATION, which cultivates and multiplies TRANSFORMATION, by God’s Grace and Power. So, ask yourself what LIFE is there in a person, and what freedom of sin and shallowness is emerging from their life with God…this is the real test. The test is not what someone can borrow from other people’s books and re-write and publish to make money or to draw people to themselves. “Writings” (books, songs, “sermons” etc) mean SO very little, compared to the “Living letters” of what is DONE in people’s lives. And we can’t know anything about THAT (their life together, leaven in the batch, child-rearing, etc) simply by words, the words they say or the words they print, borrowed or otherwise. Be always hopeful, but seldom naïve…
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