Overcomers By Covenant Of the Murdered Lamb


Encouraging and HUMBLING thought? When a lawyer is reading the “last will and testament” of a person who has died, no one considers whether the person named in the will as the receiver of the riches is intelligent enough to receive the gift. Their clothing, job, personality, education... even their deeds, good or bad, do not make the inheritance at stake LEGALLY. A will is a LEGAL DOCUMENT. Our forgiveness and our future are LEGALLY granted as COVENANT BLESSINGS. A Gift, from the Last Will and Testament of the murdered Savior. And He’s RISEN to enforce His Will, for all who BELIEVE!!

“And they overcame satan BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB” (Rev. 12:11). Think of that. Reason that way as you are beaten down by fear of guilt, or tempted to give into satan’s wimpy attempts to tempt us. He is good. We are FREE! It’s a GIFT, granted in the Will of a murdered and risen Man . : ) 9:30 p.m.

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