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Oxygen is what all mortal humans breathe. Faith and Love are what all Spiritual beings breathe. As a human—stop breathing oxygen and see how weak and powerless and foolish you are, in only a matter of moments. Spiritually—walk in doubt and fear and self-love, or in rebellion and jealousy and bitterness, or in arrogance or in self-pity and whining... and the results in your Spirit-life will be just as real and just as devastating as suffocating for lack of oxygen to the physical body.

Cultivate a life of Faith, and Trust, and Love—Believing Him in all things without reservation! Crush the fear, self-love, self-hate, doubt, and disputes with His Promises and His Ways. Reject all thoughts of how you are being cheated, or your so-called “rights violated” or that something is not “fair” or that God is not AWESOMELY good and wonderful in ALL His Decisions and Ways. Step into the OXYGEN of Spiritual LIFE and LOVE: THIS is the victory that overcomes the world, sin, and death: even our Faith.

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