Participate on Our Knees


“Very little is going to happen in our generation without a lot of prayer. If we’re casual in our prayer and foolish and sloppy in our time with God and our discussions with Him about things like this, then He’ll take the Kingdom away from us and give it to those that will bear its fruit. He really wants us to participate on our knees with Him, literally on our knees with Him, urging Him and begging Him to advance His purpose in men’s hearts and to show us how we can serve Him. And if we don’t even think about it that way, and don’t even do it, if we don’t discuss it and discourse and plead with Him personally about things, then He’ll take the opportunities away from us and give it to those that will personally dialog with Him about it and plead with Him about it. So let me beg you to not only pray for one another in a personal by name sort of way, but also to pray for saints and opportunities for people around the world. This is God’s will for you...” 8:28 a.m.
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