Pour out Your Power, Flow River Flow!


We spoke here tonight about the lyrics of the song and psalm, “Let Your Kingdom be established in our praises.” Is it possible that this is not about humming a song through our day, or having a group singing session that is filled with praise songs? Perhaps let Your kingdom be established in our praises—is about openly giving credit without fear or reluctance or religion—complimenting and praising Jesus in our various work and market and neighborhood and life situations. If I praise someone for doing a good job mowing the lawn or creating a painting – I’m not humming a song off in another direction... I am giving them credit, praising them to and in front of others about their doings. Perhaps that’s what God always meant by His Kingdom being established in our praises—that we would give God credit and first place... descriptively in our business and school and social neighborhood settings—blaming God :), giving him credit in public and work for His Wisdom and Ways and intervention in the affairs of man in weather, business, politics, relationships, communication, love, war, understanding, creativity, technology, science, discovery, history and the future—therefore “praising” (publicly complimenting and blaming him for every Good thing and all hope and forgiveness and breakthrough) and THEREBY allowing his Spirit and power and “Signs FOLLOWING” to be established in the places where we are freely openly complimenting HIM.

Perhaps that’s what it always meant that “His Kingdom He will establish IN our compliments”—not humming songs together—only. :-)

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